This location is right at the edge of many of the best shops, Starbucks, Movie theatre, Boutique shopping of Lido Marina Village, and a hundred others I did not mention. You can also jump on a beach cruiser and be at the sand in just a couple minutes. There you can lock em up and relax, or cruise the boardwalk for miles along the sun drenched beaches of Newport. If you are not into bikes, it takes about 7 minutes to walk to the sand, and less to get to the grocery store, chipotle, many bars, etc. Another plus is that when you are finished, you get to go back to a place where no neighbors are vacationers. For that reason, this is the spot to have quiet neighbors. Likewise, this place is better suited for those who understand etiquette and are looking for peaceful enjoyment. No parties please. Newport is very strict with sound after 10pm and we support their policies. The place its self has an oversized living room with a remodeled kitchen. There are 3 bedrooms. The first 2 are quite large. There are 2 queens in 1 bedroom. A King in another bedroom, and a twin bunk in the 3rd bedroom. The 3rd bedroom is small and has the bunk for that reason. All Mattresses are new quality memory foam and get many compliments from guests in our other properties. There are 2 bathrooms. One is a regular sized bathroom with tub. The other is smaller and has a smaller shower because of that. No tub in that bathroom. We will have at least 4 bikes on site, and more are available. We have over 1000 5 star reviews because your stay matters to us and we will do everything we can to make your stay great. See you in Newport!!!
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